The Centifictionist Vol. 2, Issue 2, Fall/Winter 2021

Twenty Thousand Days, by Jürgen Stahl

Thousand Years, by Jürgen Stahl

Glienicke Bridge, by Jürgen Stahl

A Mother’s Tale, by Jürgen Stahl

Choking Hazard, by Heather MacDonald

The Royal Ballet Presents Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, by Kinneson Lalor

The Edge of Yourself, by Claire Marsden

Mom Saw a Snake Ghost Once, Too, by Virginia Lee Wood

Abandon, by J. Annie MacLeod

Always the Realist, by Waverly X. Night

This Is America, by Michelle Kulwicki

Never About Wallace, by Matthew Downing

That Demon Sings Again, by Omar Hussain

Save Me, My Love, by Pulkit Khanna

Expectations, by Katie M. Zeigler

Romantic Gardening, by Anna Fitzgerald Healy

Tableau of a Single Woman, by Cassandra O’Sullivan Sachar

Tonight, by Susan Hatters Friedman

Family Photo, by Kim Steutermann Rogers

 A Concentration on Numbers, by Shelley Kirton

Awakening, by David G. Boston

The Ruler of the Army, by Shelley Kirton

The Unknown Route to Freedom, by Jimmy Webb

The Southwest Chief, by EA Luetkemeyer

Myths, by Tatyana Woodall

In the Ruins, by Edward Barnfield

Lockdown, by Heather MacDonald

The Intervention, by Greg Sendi

The Morning Chai, by Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar

Paw Print, by Tina Anton

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