The Ruler of the Army

“Plees call me Valter.”

“Is that Walter?”

“To you iss Walter, to me iss Valter. I was forced member of Hitler Youth, Hitlerjugend. I have chust fifteen years. A kid. I not conform. They arrest me and others. Kill my parents. Afterwards, good people help me, and I come to zis country, to new life. And now in different uniform I paint ze valls in zis hospital. Every day more valls. I conform but am free man. Valter my name means ze ruler of ze army. I am ruler of army of vall painters. Life iss good now.” Walter smiles.

Shelley Kirton has a Master of Management degree from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. She has been published in MindFood magazine New Zealand, 2018, the Atlantis Short Story Award Anthology 2018, (nom de plume) and in 2020 received an Honourable Mention in the NZ Writers College Short Story Competition. She enters short story competitions and particularly enjoys flash fiction, and her work can be found in Flash Fiction Friday and Free Flash Fiction.