Microinterview: Virginia Lee Wood

Virginia Lee Wood’s 100 word microfiction, “Mom Saw a Snake Ghost Once, Too”, will appear in the fourth issue of The Centifictionist (Vol. 2, Issue 2, Fall/Winter 2021). Virginia graciously answered a few brief questions for us. Read the interview below. 1. What inspired the story “Mom Saw a Snake Ghost Once, Too”? I have … More Microinterview: Virginia Lee Wood


My walking partner is annoyingly vertical, and visual, always holding me back, saying, “Günter, look at the..!” “Here…!” I ignore her. Looking only tells you what is there now. But smelling tells you the history, and the future. Beautiful odors. Neighbor walked by yesterday after me. I will correct that now. The yippy little neighbor … More Kalosmy

The Comedian

After years of being away from the spotlight, Lip Harrison decided to return to his roots in standup comedy. He knew that he’d evolved during his downtime and was eager to test out his new material. Like Rock and Chappelle, he felt he’d graduated to a point where he could speak his version of the … More The Comedian

Sugar High

The morning after I met her, I woke at dawn because I had the opening shift in the bakery. Three hours of sleep but I felt jolted, like my blood was buzzing. From my fingers to my toes, I hummed. I mixed pizza dough and gathered a brownie recipe. I frosted a lemon poppyseed cake. … More Sugar High


I whisper my secrets to the hydrangeas. Shades of sky and periwinkle blue, they wave lazily with the breeze, petals joyful and serene. They are what they were made to be. They have grown perfectly, sublimely into themselves. The sun fades and the first chill of night comes and I sit still in the grass. … More Blue

Prophet Margin

“You have things together,” said the stockbroker. “No matter the time or day, here you are, sunning by your rock. I admire that consistency. World’s too chaotic. First you’re rich, then you’re puking in the stall because the Chinese market – and your portfolio – tanked. But you understand. If we want stability, we gotta … More Prophet Margin

The Last Time I Saw Susie

My ex-wife flings a saucepan into a box. Outside a stranger scrambles across the snow. A gun-brandishing cop follows. I step to the window, my body her shield. Katherine Gleason’s stories have appeared in journals such as Cheap Pop, Derelict Lit, Every Day Fiction, Gone Lawn, Hobart, Juked, Jellyfish Review, and Menacing Hedge. She’s won … More The Last Time I Saw Susie

Missing Inhaler

I feel a tightrope around my neck, hanging from the ceiling. My toes slipping off the broken chair beneath me. Kenny Chua is a marketer from Manila, Philippines. His writing can be found in Scout Magazine and Rappler. Twitter: @_kennychua.


Caesar would stand in front of his bathroom mirror practicing curse words, focusing on the resonance in his thirteen-year-old voice, watching his eyes and lips to make sure he was selling it. Then, afterwards, he would pray to God to forgive him for cursing. He hadn’t quite figured out how to navigate his neighborhood and … More Absolution