About + Submission Guidelines

The Centifictionist is a biannual online literary magazine that publishes powerful, compelling, and memorable international microfiction in 100 words or less.

The Centifictionist publishes two online issues per year, a Spring/Summer issue and a Fall/Winter issue. All issues of The Centifictionist will include thirty pieces of microfiction in each issue, with each individual piece being 100 words or less.

All issues of The Centifictionist will be unthemed. Follow our Twitter account for any announcements and/or updates, and check our Issues + Announcements page also.

Some pieces that we like:

The Billet, by Gerri Brightwell

Annette and Florian, by Beate Sigriddaughter

The More Things Fall Apart, by Rose Arrowsmith DeCoux

Franziska, by Elizabeth Kate Switaj

The Kretschmar Child, Gerhardt, Crazy Marie, by Elizabeth Kate Switaj

Alma, Fritz, by Elizabeth Kate Switaj

Foraging in the Countryside, by Kyle van der Laan

Note: Although most of these pieces are about the Holocaust or relate to the Holocaust in some way, that doesn’t mean that we only want Holocaust-related pieces. However, we do have a special affinity for Holocaust-related pieces.

The Centifictionist is managed, curated, edited, and published by Clara Ray Rusinek Klein.

Submission Guidelines – Please read carefully. Submissions that don’t follow our guidelines won’t be considered and won’t be published.

The Centifictionist seeks submissions of original, unpublished microfiction that is 100 words or less. The Centifictionist only publishes microfiction. The Centifictionist doesn’t publish any poetry or any nonfiction. Each microfiction piece within the submission must be no more than 100 words maximum, titles not included. No minimum word count.

The Centifictionist doesn’t consider or publish any previously published microfiction pieces. All microfiction pieces submitted to The Centifictionist must be previously unpublished.

Response times will vary. The Centifictionist will try to make sure to respond as quickly as it can. Sometimes very quickly and you might even be surprised (The Centifictionist reads very fast sometimes). Other times it might take a lot longer depending on life circumstances, etc. The Centifictionist makes absolutely no guarantees about response times at all whatsoever. This is to allow for unforeseen circumstances and stress and/or anything else that may come up.

  • Microfiction: Submit 1 to 3 pieces of no more than 100 words each. No minimum word count. The Centifictionist will only consider up to three pieces of microfiction per submission. If you submit more than three pieces of microfiction per submission, only the first three pieces will be read and considered for possible inclusion in one of our issues. Submit each piece in the appropriate space on the Submittable form.
  • Include a short third-person bio of no more than 100 words maximum in the appropriate space on the Submittable form. All bios must be professional and serious. You can include a link or links to your personal website and/or personal social media sites at the end of your bio.
  • Simultaneous submissions are OK, but you must contact The Centifictionist through Submittable as soon as your submission or any part of your submission is accepted anywhere else, provided we haven’t responded with a decision about your work yet. If only one or two pieces within your submission have been accepted elsewhere, there is no need to withdraw your whole submission. Just include a note in Submittable telling us which piece or pieces have been accepted elsewhere, and we will know to disregard those pieces.
  • To withdraw your whole submission or any part of your submission before a decision about your submission has been made, you must do so either by including a note in Submittable, or by clicking “withdraw” in Submittable. If your submission or parts of your submission have already been accepted, you cannot withdraw them anymore.

If any of your pieces are accepted to be published in The Centifictionist, your piece or pieces may be lightly edited before being published, just and only for the purpose of correcting very minor errors. The Centifictionist won’t accept pieces that would require major or extensive editing.

No feedback or explanations will be given for any submissions or any parts of submissions whether they’ve been chosen to be published or not.

Submissions require a $3 nonrefundable fee. Submissions are open year-round. The Centifictionist only considers submissions that are sent through our Submittable page. Submissions that are sent through any other means won’t be considered and won’t be published.

The Centifictionist is a non-paying market. Authors published in The Centifictionist receive a linkable publication credit. We promote all of the issues that we publish on our Twitter account.

The Centifictionist will pair each piece that it publishes with a public domain image that it will choose, that it feels goes with your piece.

All decisions about submissions are final. There will be no correspondence or discussion about any submissions decisions at all whatsoever.

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