The Centifictionist Vol. 1, Issue 2, Fall/Winter 2020

The Transporter, by Rachael Charlotte

Press the Button, by Tripp Stelnicki

Martha, by Rachael Charlotte

The Shadows of Nagasaki, by Lisa Fox

Under the Desk, by Paul Rousseau

Fear, by Ran Walker

A Thousand Other Ghosts, by William R. Stoddart

The Tattoo, by Barry Vitcov

Liberation, by Yossi Faybish

The Wall, by Connor Fisher

Blood Ties, by Yossi Faybish

Carrier, by Keren Dibbens-Wyatt

Shopping, by Ellen Birkett Morris

Yellow Dust, by Yossi Faybish

Money, by Ken Olson

Metals, by Yossi Faybish

Just Fallujah, by Darrell Petska

Job, by Yossi Faybish

Rebekah, by Lexi Schwartz

Country of Birth, by Evie Groch

Isaac, by Yossi Faybish

Dangerous Poodles, by Barry Vitcov

I Don’t Trust You, by Brin Williams

I Trust You, by Brin Williams

I Don’t Trust Me, by Brin Williams

Locked-In Syndrome, by Susan Hatters Friedman, MD

Fairy Dress, by Neha Srivastava

Munich Central Train Station 1939, by Alexandra Rochman

The Lesser One, by Robin Throne

The Sprig, by Sara Harvey

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