I Don’t Trust Me

He loves me, he is guilty for all the things he couldn’t save me from. I hate that. I hate the guilt. I take off my shoes and slide across the floor. It’s freshly waxed, Chris tells me, and I skate around like I’m six, not sixteen and Chris teases me for my socks, which have cherries on them. Cherries with smiling faces. And I secretly love them with all my heart. I ask Chris if he trusts me with my own life, and he tells me he does. How could he not? I am happy, my socks say so.

Brin Williams is a Los Angeles native and San Francisco State University graduate navigating the intersections of their identity as a non-binary person of color in an ever-evolving world. They studied Creative Writing and Cinema in San Francisco before moving back to their childhood home in Los Angeles. Now finds them looking forward to branching out and into the greater literary world. Twitter: @Espace_Noire. Website: espacenoire.home.blog.