I Don’t Trust You

My brother stands in the kitchen with a knife. He chops vegetables and I watch him, looking for signs of blood. He notices me and asks what the fuck I’m doing. I tell him I’m doing nothing and I don’t take my eyes off his hands, even as he points the knife at me and tells me he knows exactly what I’m doing, and that it’s driving him insane because the last time he cut himself was almost a year and a half ago and how could I still not trust him? I don’t trust him not to hurt him.

Brin Williams is a Los Angeles native and San Francisco State University graduate navigating the intersections of their identity as a non-binary person of color in an ever-evolving world. They studied Creative Writing and Cinema in San Francisco before moving back to their childhood home in Los Angeles. Now finds them looking forward to branching out and into the greater literary world. Twitter: @Espace_Noire. Website: espacenoire.home.blog.