Fairy Dress

A deceptive mind can be concealed neatly by innocent black eyes. A sweet smile can hide vicious plans with dexterity. Mampi learnt that at thirteen.

Her 25-year-old mother scrubbed floors, cleaned dirty linen in the big house next to her slum. She wore torn sarees. But Mampi wasn’t like her mother. She would buy that beautiful fairy dress the girl in that big house wore. The girl’s father had bought it for her. He would buy it for Mampi too.

She didn’t allow him to touch her, before he gave her the money for the dress. Naïve man.

Neha Srivastava has a blend of 18 years of experience in creative writing. At present, she is working as a creative writer, full-time Mom and teaching underprivileged children. She recently won the finalist diploma certificate from the prestigious Spanish Museo de Palabra award for her flash fiction story – “The Game”. Her story, “Two Toys” has been published in the anthology – 100 Voices – Volume 2. Also published is her poignant story “Sabina”, in the Smartest Kid on the Bronx Anthology. She has written for over 20 brands. Of all the designations she has been addressed by, her favourite remains –”Mom”. Twitter: @nehasrivi.