The Centifictionist Vol. 3, Issue 2, Fall/Winter 2022

Werewolves at the Door, by Keith J. Powell

Better the Wolf You Don’t Than the Devil You Know, by Alyssa Bushell

Picture Perfect, by Roberta Beary

Learning to Swim Again, by Francine Witte

My Father, Leaving, by Francine Witte

Before the Hurricane, by Francine Witte

One Kind of Safety, by Marcy Dilworth

Expect Some Shrinkage in the First Year, by Alison Wassell

The Other Womans, by Hayley Nivelle

Her Father Never Liked Him, by Alison Wassell

Lightbulb Moment, by Alison Wassell

Friend, by K.R. Lai

When in Quarantine, by K.R. Lai

Witness, by K.R. Lai

Edo After Long Absence, by Roberta Beary

Survivor’s Eulogy, by David Thow

The Kaja Case, by Chris Cottom

Traffic Light, by Gregory K. Moberg

Perpetual, by Andrea Damic

 Winter’s Chill, by Nico VC

Seeing the Other Country, by Beau Lee Gambold

Tangled Strands, by Roberta Beary

This Was Love, by Alec Kissoondyal

Hero Worship, by Hannah Fishburn

I Forgive You, by Alexander B. Joy

Everyone Will Know What You Did, by Stephanie L. Haun

When the Elders Brought You to Me I Thought You Were a Gift From God, by Chris Cottom

The Man Chair, by Rita Ciresi

Admission, by Rachel Burrows

These Ones Are Jerks, by Timothy C. Goodwin

All images in individual stories sourced from DALL·E, and The Centifictionist Vol. 3, Issue 2, Fall/Winter 2022 cover image sourced from Pixabay.

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