After decades of writing horror and selling millions of books, Winston Knight had grown synonymous with the genre. People wore his likeness on their t-shirts, carried around action figures of him—some even wore tattoos.

He’d written books about murderers, monsters, aliens, and clowns–none of which scared him in the least. He carried only one fear with him, the one that persistently fueled his career. Even at age 70, he could see, very clearly, his intoxicated father standing in the darkened doorway of his childhood room, holding a freshly unplugged iron, its handle resting anxiously in those meaty palms.

Ran Walker is the author of twenty books. He is the winner of the 2019 Indie Author of the Year and 2019 BCALA Fiction Ebook Awards. He teaches creative writing at Hampton University and lives with his wife and daughter in Virginia. He can be reached via his website, ranwalker.com. Twitter: @ranwalker.