A Mother’s Tale

“Close your eyes and ears. I’m here.”

The child buried her head in Mother’s chest, sharp flashes of light bouncing off her blonde locks before the dark swallowed them up.

Thunder shook the cellar’s walls. Debris grayed the girl’s hair, and their neighbors groaned.

Both had just made it down in time into the cellar before the warden bolted the door.

“Why does the storm come back every night?” the girl said, before the next blast struck, closer now.

The mother searched the grey sullen faces around her. No one listened.

“Because,” she whispered, “this is where it belongs.”

Jürgen Stahl is German-Australian and has been living in Adelaide, South Australia for thirty years. He is a medical specialist in anatomical pathology and writes about the people who spend their lifetimes in the medical world. History, ancient and recent, fascinates him too. What happened in his native Germany between 1933 and 1945 is something he is still trying to comprehend, and some of his flash fiction stories reflect that. He currently works on a novel that tells a story in the world of mortuaries, drug trials, and human failure in modern medicine. Twitter: @JurgenStahl1. Facebook. jurgenstahlwriter.com.