Save Me, My Love

He kept screaming my name for hours on end. “Save me, my love.” I can still hear him tonight.

Four holes inside his chest exposed his beating heart, as he swam in the pool of his own blood like a fish with lungs. His eyes seeped into my soul while I stood there like a mannequin. I couldn’t save him; my hands were tied.

He looked at me as if it were my fault and I couldn’t argue to prove him wrong. I could’ve saved him, but my hands were tied. They were too busy scrubbing the knife.

Pulkit Khanna graduated from Kirorimal College, Delhi University with a commerce degree. He is currently studying to be a Chartered Accountant. Since his school days, he had always been intrigued by the stories that people carry with them and how these very stories were capable of altering lives of other people. Hence, he started writing. After being published by various magazines, he is currently preparing for the release of his first novel. Other than penning down his day-to-day conversations with numerous interesting people, Pulkit loves to write about human behavior, philosophy of daily life and about silence – the things people don’t say. Instagram: @moonlightissunshinetoo. YouTube. Twitter: @pulkitkat. Quora.