Romantic Gardening

Original photo by Anna Fitzgerald Healy

Lovers are like plants–each requires specific care. It would be nice if people came with a set of instructions like a house plant. “Craves constant attention. Does not like the heat! Enjoys missionary position twice a week on the couch. Shuts down during intense conversations.”

Or: “Requires frequent compliments and Netflix marathons. Shouts occasionally, but her bark is worse than her bite. Avoid direct sunlight.”

I wish you had come with a set of instructions. Maybe it would have gone better. But then again, I always kill plants, even when I follow directions. Maybe I should start dating succulents.

Anna Fitzgerald Healy is a curator of fine art, with deep roots in Maine, Bali, and California. Her writing has been featured in several literary journals. Let’s be friends: @annaluvstheinternet. Twitter: @annaluvstweets.