He was raking up the dead grass in the field next to the camp. He couldn’t get them out of his mind. The people he saw hanging from the light poles each day when he went out on the work detail. People shot when they tried to escape. The guards left them there on the light poles as an example for all to see. He sat down against the trunk of a tree. He must have dozed off. Suddenly, he felt a kick. He saw the SS guard standing over him with a growling German Shepherd. He shouted “Rause! Rause!”

David G. Boston is a member of the Connecticut Poetry Society, the Saugatuck Poetry Club, and the Poet’s Salon. His poems have been published in: The Bridgeport Post, Bean Fest Magazine, The Poetry Guild, Connecticut River Review, Long River Run, and The International Library of Poetry. The Yale Medical Group’s Caduceus Magazine: Volumes 9 and 10. Fairfield Scribes Microfiction magazine. His writing publications: “The Last Goodbye”, The Centifictionist. His awards include 1st place in the poetry competition at Housatonic Community College. The Editor’s Choice Award at Third Place runner-up in the Nationwide Poetry Competition, Modern Poetry Society. Third Place winner, Connecticut Poetry Society, Al Savard Memorial Contest. Connecticut Poetry Society’s Nutmeg Award Contest, Honorable Mention. Facebook: DavidGbostonsr. Twitter: @Daveboston. LinkedIn. IMDb. Instagram.