Choking Hazard

What fruits are dangerous? I cut grapes in half. I pit cherries. But, did you know a strawberry can’t be popped loose? Instead, it squishes. Dribbling juice down my son’s throat.

As paramedics scramble to save my choking child, his face turns blue. My clammy hands clutch the empty bag from his snack. Each second stretches. Can I see across infinity to heaven’s door? If I could, I’d reach out and snatch his hand like all other times when he’s tried to run into the street.

Then, his gasp is a melody. My hands shake as I clutch my baby.

Heather MacDonald is a primary teacher, former educational Literacy Instructional Coach, and author living in High River, Canada, with her husband, Jason, and their dog, Axle. She loves camping, yoga, and taking Axle for walks or runs around town. Heather has had several pieces of flash fiction and poetry published previously. Most recently, her stories “Peaches” and “Keeping Score” appeared in the short story dispenser operated by Loft 112 and Short Edition through the Calgary public library. They were also published in the anthology Tap-Press-Read, also through Loft 112. You can follow Heather on Twitter @heathermac1986.