jazz singer

the blues in her

rose tattoo

Disaffected youth, covered with tattoos, push through the clouds of incense and cigarette smoke espousing political sentiments that hurtle for the most part into the freezing yawn of space. This colony as a whole is unrecognized by the Federation, and this club is dismissed as a catch-all for itinerant laborers and malcontents.

You warned the FSC when they commissioned this operation that agents might as well sport yellow T-shirts with large red letters, “SPY” across the chest. On the third night of carrying your own drinks, an unsmiling waitress approaches your table.

Ken Olson lives in the Pacific Northwest. His poetry is published in the major Haiku print & online journals in the U.S. & England, selected for the Red Moon Anthology four times, and the 2019 Special Issue of Right Hand Pointing. In 2019, Ken has published stories in Crack the Spine; Sky Island Journal; and Silver Needle Press.