The Ruler of the Army

“Plees call me Valter.” “Is that Walter?” “To you iss Walter, to me iss Valter. I was forced member of Hitler Youth, Hitlerjugend. I have chust fifteen years. A kid. I not conform. They arrest me and others. Kill my parents. Afterwards, good people help me, and I come to zis country, to new life. … More The Ruler of the Army

A Concentration on Numbers

Carla taught Anna to cut angels from paper, helped her glue them into her scrapbook. Carla was small and quiet, and three-year-old Anna loved her. Anna stroked the smudgy blue numbers written on the inside of Carla’s soft forearm and wanted to have numbers too, and so Carla inked them gently; 14, 699. At bath time, … More A Concentration on Numbers