I have many names. When I hover behind her, she calls me chill, bringer of goosebumps. When he brings his lover to bed, I sink into the girl and she calls me conscience and flees, nauseous. A gloomy mind makes him stoop, and I press, press, press on his shoulders. A force-feeding of guilt. An … More Witness

When in Quarantine

It’s hilarious. Now, we’re bartering vegetables and hoarding meat like gold. Our prison economy is surprisingly cheerful—we’ve elected delivery lieutenants, and I’ve joined more platoons than I can remember. Eggs, beef, fruit, does anyone have a Coca-Cola platoon? Could we rise up to cover delivery? Emojis rain down as we praise our leaders, laughing at … More When in Quarantine


Wasn’t it lucky that they had the oak tree? That beautiful thing, a colossal span of gnarled knots and twisted tendrils, a heaving mass split into wispy, skyward bronchioles. She dug, careful not to disturb the roots. How about a deal? You take him. I move on. You grow, I grow. She’d been there every … More Friend