All That Glitters

Mama warned, “Stay away from strangers,” and Gertie listened closely. “Don’t take candy from anyone, help odd men with directions, hitch rides, or fall for the come-see-my-puppy trick.” Once, a little old lady at the Piggly Wiggly tried to help her reach the plastic tiaras in the toy section, and Gertie shrieked banshee-style, running like a champ back to mama. Gertie was careful that way. Years later, Gertie wonders why mama hadn’t told her the stranger could be someone you knew. Someone lying next to you at night. Someone who had whispered promises like diamonds, glittering and bright.

Kelli Short Borges is a former reading specialist and forever reading enthusiast. Her work has been recently published at Ghost Parachute, MoonPark Review, The Dribble Drabble Review, The Citron Review, and The Tahoma Literary Review, among others. Kelli is a Best of the Net and Best Microfictions nominee. You can connect with her on Twitter @KelliBorges2. Website: