Sister Patricia let the seventh letter drop into place.

“I bet you didn’t see that coming,” she said to the two wide-eyed girls in front of her. Grim-faced, she turned to tend the fire and chicken. A handful of white feathers floated to the ground as she pulled a hankie from her apron pocket. Smoke was curling back from the thatch and filling the hut. Their eyes watered.

“Neither did I,” she said, dishing up. “It was a different time then. Legs or breast? Now add up the score before grace please gals. What did I get for B-A-S-T-A-R-D?”

Rachel Burrows is a debut writer who works as a literacy teacher for teenagers with social, emotional, and mental health needs. She has previously lived and worked in Canada, Germany, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, and frequently writes about her time working as an ecologist on a malaria control program. She now lives near Stonehenge with family and dog. Twitter: @RobinRB17.