This Was Love

Shawn felt the sting of his father’s belt. The leather snapped against his back and ricocheted off the apartment walls like blasts of thunder. After the beating stopped, his dad melted into a deluge of tears. He pulled Shawn into a tight embrace and sobbed drunken apologies. Shawn hugged back. To him, this was love.

Alec Kissoondyal is an English major at the University of Florida. He plans to pursue a writing career after graduation. Alec divides his time between his roles as a writing tutor, fiction editor, and interview transcriber. His fiction has been published in Zephyr Literary Journal, Bacopa Literary Review, The Bookends Review, Roadrunner Review, Let’s Stab Caesar! Magazine, and Retro Press Magazine. You can read more of Alec’s work on his website,