When in Quarantine

It’s hilarious. Now, we’re bartering vegetables and hoarding meat like gold. Our prison economy is surprisingly cheerful—we’ve elected delivery lieutenants, and I’ve joined more platoons than I can remember. Eggs, beef, fruit, does anyone have a Coca-Cola platoon? Could we rise up to cover delivery? Emojis rain down as we praise our leaders, laughing at our virtual-born camaraderie. We have veterans, you know. Lieutenants who led whole compounds in Wuhan. Shanghai? Child’s play.

Did you know Gucci gave out vegetables? Ha! Now we’re all living like kings.

But seriously—my onion for your potato, how about it?

K.R. Lai is a writer based in Shanghai. When she’s not procrastinating and fighting Imposter Syndrome, she settles down with her laptop and tackles the blank page with indignance. IG: instagram.com/thesilverpocketwatch/.