Western Appliance TV & Stereo

The store security cameras didn’t record. Tone and I worked in their warehouse for nada, so we had to compensate. The goods went in the trash, and we went back each night at 3 AM to get them for the fence. Subsequently, Tone tore his plantar fascia in the truck lift-gate. He was laid up. I made the trip, picked up the stash, and took it to Tone’s. I set up a TV and VCR on his dresser. He felt indebted: Sorry to ask, I owe you for this. Me: Nah, bro. I was gonna do it anyway. We folks.

Tim Stiles lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He received his MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. His poems, stories and lyrics have been published/recorded throughout the USA and Great Britain. His poetry-photography collaboration with photographer Jay Tyrrell, entitled Botmerica: Repeat After Me, was published in 2016. He won the Seven Hills Review 2020 Creative Nonfiction Award for his story, “Bizzy Bone’s Cousin,” is the recipient of LitFest Pasadena’s 2021 Jonathan Gold Award, and won the 2021 Thirty West Publishing Broadside Pt. 2 competition. Twitter: @timstiles185.