The Moment of Truth

He looked at the mangled body but did not flinch. He’d seen too many like her, ripped apart by an unspeakable hatred. He considered walking away, pretending to call his wife for an imagined emergency. He fantasized about never having to see the daily devastation of his country that left him so drained and exhausted. He even entertained the idea of nursing an espresso in the lobby long enough to allow the suicide bomber to bleed to death.

And then, he remembered the oath.

Alexandra Goodwin was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and emigrated to the United States following the military coup of 1976. Her essays and poems have appeared in Ariel Chart, The Miami Herald, The Light Between Us, Live, Love, Laughter, a PEN Anthology,, and Our Town News. She’s the author of the novel Exchange at the Border, and three poetry collections: Whispers of the Soul, Caleidoscopio, and What Color is your Haiku? You can learn more about her and her work by visiting