The Best Soup Recipe in the World

Anna scoured the market and unearthed a dark, crinkled cabbage as big as her head. The cost? Two hours’ wages from her work in the depleted fields, but she walked home triumphant. The girl with a blind baby then found three onions; the old man with one arm lifted his last potatoes; the timid woman next door produced a sausage. From her own cupboard Anna chose beans and herbs. By midday, the smell of soup mingled with wood smoke, and, as her mother arrived bringing bread, Anna called her neighbors to the feast.

David Mathews was once a work psychologist, delving in other people’s trades, putting into words what it means to be a forensic psychotherapist, a receptionist, an archaeologist – anything you like. Now he writes short stories about human foolishness and heroics. Born in Wales, David lives in Bath.