Morning Cup

Coffee brews the same as it always has and will, and you–

feel your stomach plummet at the thought of facing the day’s unstoppable tide of responsibility, gnawing feeling you need more but how are you a life and a caregiver all at once, ache of neglected possibility driving thoughts to distraction, briefly overwhelming guilt over feeling incomplete, can’t breathe past the need for something maddeningly shapeless so do nothing but

–pull your favorite mug from the cupboard. Slosh hot brew over the “World’s Greatest Mom” decal, stain the counter. Search the kitchen for sweetener. Just about anything would do.

Celine Aubert (pseudonym) is a writer/editor of technical manuals, and a freelance writer/proofreader. She received her BA in English and Professional Writing from York University, and lives in northern Canada with her husband, infant son, and spoiled dog. This is her first publication. More details about her current and forthcoming work can be found at You can also follow her on Twitter, @CelineAubert4.