Could It Happen Again?

In the rearview mirror, he sees his son, 30, and his daughter, 28, in the Tesla’s back seat. Behind them, the rear window becomes a monitor. His children are toddlers at play. Their clothes are tattered, blanched of once bright yellows and exciting reds. The hues merge into a sickening melange the color of bloody piss. Nazi soldiers appear and toss the children as if they are pillows into the waiting maw of a freight train door.

He is yanked back into reality. A uniformed officer in a tailored leather coat and visored cap pounds on the car’s window.


Dan Farkas is an itinerant New Yorker currently exiled in Cleveland. His creative outlets include writing & photography. His latest published pieces are “Summer’s End on Erie” in The Birdseed Magazine & “Ascension Song” & “The Wedding Toast” in The Prompt Magazine. Twitter: @DNARNADan, Instagram: dan.farkas, Facebook: Dan Farkas.