Seeds of Youth

Mother’s thin white hair is pulled loosely off her face. Her mischievous smile soaked through with red lipstick. Red the color of mossy raspberries plump with seeds.

Her giddiness has survived the transformation into old age. It seeps through the discomfort of her body, the deceptive nature of her mind. She is a schoolgirl with long skinny braids and handmade summer dresses, square shoulders and perfect posture standing in a field of wheat on Ukrainian soil.

Rimma Kranet is a Russian-American fiction writer with a Bachelor’s Degree in English from University of California Los Angeles. Her short fiction has appeared in Brilliant Flash Fiction, Construction Lit, Club Plum, Coal Hill Review, Change Seven Magazine, EcoTheo, The Common Breath, Drunk Monkey, and Short, Vigorous Roots: A Contemporary Flash Fiction Collection of Migrant Voices. She resides between Florence, Italy and Los Angeles, California. Twitter: @RKranet. Instagram: @rkranet.