Microinterview: Anna Fitzgerald Healy

Anna Fitzgerald Healy’s 100 word microfiction, “Romantic Gardening”, will appear in the fourth issue of The Centifictionist (Vol. 2, Issue 2, Fall/Winter 2021). Anna graciously answered a few brief questions for us. Read the interview below.

Anna Fitzgerald Healy

1. What inspired the story “Romantic Gardening”?

I’ve always had a complicated relationship with house plants. I’m great with figs and cacti, but year after year, I try to grow lavender and fail every time. As I was gearing up for a recent break-up conversation, I considered the things that my boyfriend needed that he had never been able to express to me. And I couldn’t help thinking, that if he had come with a set of instructions, like orchids or ferns, then things might have worked out better. He had very specific needs that, much like my lavender, he was never able to communicate to me.

2. What inspires you and your writing?

Everything from my day-to-day life that I can’t find a way of expressing. My writing is my own, private, plant instructions.

3. What keeps you going when experiencing times of misery and despair?

Rosé and David Lynch.

4. What advice do you have for microfiction writers?

Please forgive what I’m sure will be a horrible paraphrase–but Joni Mitchell said that when you get an idea, you really must stop everything immediately and catch it before it flies away. Whenever inspiration strikes, you must document it before it disappears. For instance, I think that “Romantic Gardening” was written on the side of the 405, when I pulled over during my morning commute.

Anna Fitzgerald Healy is a curator of fine art, with deep roots in Maine, Bali, and California. Her writing has been featured in several literary journals. Let’s be friends: @annaluvstheinternet.

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