The Ear

The first time he suggested it, she wept bitterly.

The second time, he offered the sharpened knife, and said, “What does it matter if I live another day?”

The candles were gone, so they sat by the dim light of the fire, holding hands against the storm. Their cabin had been snowbound for sixty days, asleep in its white cocoon, while the wind moaned and the wolves bayed in the forest.

She chewed the dried rabbit’s ear, and looked upon her grandfather, in his last year, surely, and thought, would a human ear taste so different?

Laura Davis Hays lives in Santa Fe, NM with her husband and two cats. She works as an accounting consultant, writes fiction, and composes and performs music. Her first novel, Incarnation (2016), a past-life thriller, is set in Santa Fe, Belize, and antediluvian Atlantis. The sequel, Chosen, won first prize in Southwest Writer’s fantasy novel contest, and awaits a final edit. Laura has recently published stories in Persimmon Tree and Website: Twitter: @gotoatlantis. Facebook.