The Car Needs Washing

Water hits the windshield and I set my book down in my lap, close my eyes. For the moment I’m contained, compartmentalized. A world of my own. The car needs washing, he’d said. Something simple, and with both eyes closed I can imagine it wash away the snarl of his lips, the mug dashed on the wall beside my head. My favorite mug, with the little smiling sunshine. When we get home, I’ll collect the shards. For now, I close my eyes.

Amanda Marie Aardse is an emerging writer who lives in Waterloo, Ontario with her husband, toddler, and pleasantly round cat. She is the third generation in her family’s custom woodworking business. Her work has been published by Marathon Lit Review and is forthcoming in Ponder Review. She has spent her days riddled with nail-biting anxiety and has nothing but a beautiful life to show for it. Twitter: @AardseMarie. Instagram: @penandpaperplanes.