Digging to China

“I’m digging to China,” the young boy threw an earnest explanation up to his father along with a shovelful of dirt that hit him in the face.

The father frowned and scolded his son. The mailman could fall in or the boy could get trapped down there. Besides, he’d have to tunnel through the earth’s crust and molten magma to reach China.

“Remember when you were a boy and still could dream?” the mother pleaded later when father threatened to fill the hole. He didn’t say anything, but the next morning the boy discovered a sturdy ladder and lighter shovel.

Marc Littman’s short stories have been published in various online magazines and anthologies from 50-Word Stories to The Saturday Evening Post. He also writes novels and plays and is a member of Theatre West in Los Angeles. He enjoys the challenge of writing in miniature whether it’s micro stories or one-minute plays.