Microinterview: Alexandra Rochman

Alexandra Rochman’s 100 word microfiction, “Munich Central Train Station 1939”, will appear in the second issue of The Centifictionist (Vol. 1, Issue 2, Fall/Winter 2020). Alexandra graciously answered a few brief questions for us. Read the interview below.

Alexandra Rochman

1. What inspired the story “Munich Central Train Station 1939”?

I was inspired by a tale my mother often told about living as a child in pre- and post-war Germany.

2. What inspires you and your writing?

I enjoy taking one aspect of someone’s life experience to explore their feelings, not only as a writer but to create, for the reader, a moment of emotional resonance of a lesson learned.

3. What keeps you going when experiencing times of misery and despair?

Life is a pendulum. Experiences and memories may be unpleasant, but they will pass into the next moment of happy times that also won’t last. I patiently wait for the pendulum to swing again and try not to hold onto any specific emotion.

4. What advice do you have for microfiction writers?

Close your eyes and imagine being in the scene at that moment. Write down any sensory feelings and emotions that arise. Riff on a long story version and then cut until every word is meaningful.

5. Is there anything else that you would like people to know about you and/or your writing?

Being inspired to write anything is a gift. I’m thankful that writing has chosen me.

Alexandra Rochman is a writer, meditator, and yogini. She enjoys traveling, photography and reading. She is grateful to be inspired to write fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. You can follow Alexandra on her website: AlexandraRochman.com. Twitter: @AlexandaRocks.

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