Eric’s Things, Circa 1985

Eric’s family rolled into Tupelo like a tornado, and by sunset, Reggie was homeless.

The lawyer told Reggie since everything the couple had acquired was in Eric’s name, legally Eric owned it, and without a will, the law dictated Eric’s family would get the assets Reggie had contributed to over the years.

Reggie pleaded with them to keep a few things, like the Oldsmobile only he’d driven, but they denied him, as they had their son when he was alive.

They burned Eric’s things and sold the house, but they could never find the car—although they had their suspicions.

Ran Walker is the author of eighteen books. A former practicing attorney, he is the winner of the 2019 Indie Author of the Year and 2019 BCALA Fiction Ebook Awards. He teaches creative writing at Hampton University and lives with his wife and daughter in Virginia. He can be reached via his website, Twitter: @ranwalker.