Bernauer Strasse: Exit to Freedom

“Jetzt. Gehe!” the man orders, signaling to the hole in the basement where, incredibly, freedom awaits. Its existence was only whispered to me last week and now here we are; ready to risk everything.

“Be good!” I say, kissing our baby.

“Go!” orders my husband, who will follow behind.

The tunnel is dark and muddy as a rabbit hole. Above, sounds from the world we’re fleeing filter through; spies, tanks, patrolling soldiers. I keep crawling until finally I reach the other side, and as they pull me out I’m laughing and crying and nothing will ever be the same again.

Liz McGrath is a budding poet and flash fiction writer. She lives and works in London as a Senior Creative Copywriter. She studied English at Cambridge and recently graduated from Birkbeck with a Creative Writing MA. She is currently working on her first poetry chapbook and drinking too much coffee. Twitter: @McGrath_Writes.